Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hi again!
It's been a little while but I've passed all of my exams (yay!) and have also been given a gig on Valentine's Day (double yay!) which means I'll be singing/playing guitar to Every Rose has its Thorn by Poison in front of the entire school.
One of my best friends wanted me to draw them a picture of a manga character from a series called Ouran High School Host Club. The character's name is Tamaki Suoh and she is completely obsessed with the series (that may be my fault seeing as I was the one to introduce her to it).
But without further ado, here's a rather astonished-looking Tamaki.

My friend has also dragged me into writing a fanfiction with her which is geek heaven. It includes Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Ouran High School Host Club and Sarah Jane Adventures.

Not that I'm complaining....



  1. Congrats on passing your exams Kayleigh!! I used to sing/play guitar, well I still play the guitar sometimes when I need to chill LOL but I'm afraid its not Guns N Roses hahaha wish I could see you when you do it:) how proud everyone must be and the drawing is fab!!! have a lovely week lots of huggles Sue xxx

  2. You be such a clever moose! x

  3. Amazing artwork, Kayleigh! (Don't get me started talking about Dr Who, Sherlock or Harry Potter, that could be a very, very long conversation.)
    Congrats on passing your exams and good luck at your gig! Knock their socks off!! :)