Tuesday, 21 January 2014


So, to celebrate me creating my first ever digi, my mum and I have made a challenge of creating a card with the digi (which is being given away as a freebie).
I named the digi as Neko because it's the Japanese word for 'cat' and is also the name of one of my favourite manga characters from a series called 'Animal Academy'.
The challenge is right here and you can also have the chance of winning a candy as well as the challenge. Just have a look.
And, on another note, I passed my maths and geography exams! *happy days*



  1. Well done you! and congrats on the exam results huggles Sue xx

  2. thank you for the digi!!

    lovies, =o) kel
    (one of your mom's DT friends!)

  3. The digi was great to colour Kayleigh and I'm so glad you liked my card thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog oooo and I love Nickelback too seen them on tour here in Newcastle LOL huggles Sue xx

  4. Well done and congratulations on passing your exams Kayleigh...You have draw a gorgeous image and turned it into a digi, you must be so chuffed. Neko your very 1st and hope we see more of your gorgeous drawing turned into digi's tooo. Just added my card to your mums blog, hope you like and puts a big smile on your face..Hugs Lozzy xx

  5. Congrats on passing your exams! Hope you celebrated well!

    Your digi is so sweet - I'm going to find some time next week to make something with her.

    Can't wait to see what else you create!

    Mary x

  6. Oh, and I should say that I love LOTR, Avengers, Nickleback and Star Wars too - what great taste you have!! ;)