Friday, 14 February 2014

Stress, stress and - what's this? - STRESS

So, as you can see from the name is that today has been very stressful.
First off, my crush managed to find out that I had a crush on him. Which turned out to be extremely awkward seeing as I have two classes where I sit next to him.
Secondly, my gig was cancelled.
And last of all: I had an argument with my best friend.
But, no matter. I've always had bad days on Valentines Day.

I'm posting a sketch I did during my English class when we basically had a free period. I had finished my assessment so my teacher gave me some paper and practically said, 'Do whatever you like'. So, of course, I sketched.
His name is Carth Onasi from the game KotOR (which, after 35 hours, I have finally completed).

Hope your day is going better than mine.



  1. *Hugs for Moose* There's ice cream for pudding to make you feel better ;-) x

  2. This sketch is amazing Kayleigh and we all go through times of stress, I know I did especially when I was a teenager, but it will all blow over and all come right lots of hugglesssssssssss hope you enjoyed your ice cream ..Sue xxxxxxxxx

  3. Great sketch, Kayleigh. Sounds like you had a really bad day. :(
    Like your mum said, Ice Cream should make you feel better. In fact it should be available on the NHS!

  4. Very nice! Creatively will get you through everything in life...just try to remember that everyone feels equally awkward. And just as teenagers! Thanks again for your digi challenge, that was fun. Best, CG

  5. What a great sketch Kayleigh. Think we all go through it as we getting older and its part of our learning as we growing. Crafting and drawing is a great way to get things out of our system and helps us calm down as all our trouble pass away through our love of doing something we are happy with in life..Cant wait to see your next digi Kayleigh and best of all did you enjoy that yummy ice cream....Lozzy x