Saturday, 11 January 2014

Another Card and Sneak Peek!

Hello again, all!
So, today I have another card featuring LOTV's "Skipping".

I'd also like to show you an image of a character I have been working on. Her name is Elizabeth Carter-Fury and, as you can see, I have her full bio written up. She's a character for an AU version of the Avengers that I decided to write. I have already written the first three chapters and will be posted on my fanfiction account once I have a good amount done.

I probably won't update until the end of next week due to Beta duties for three stories and mock exams all week. Along with the stress of knowing I have an MMR jab the week after that. Life. :/
Hope you all had a fantastic new year and I'll see you later!



  1. Fab card Kayleigh! did you go to LOTV shop with mam today???? huggles Sue xx

  2. Gorgeous card Kayleigh, I like this image and the design.your image is fabulous
    Kevin xx

  3. Thanks. Didn't get to go to LOTV due to my theatre school being on at the time.